PAST EVENT: A Spirited Evening at Cathedral Park


Where do I go when I arrive at Cathedral Park? The best way to find us is to access the park at N. Edison and N. Philadelphia (underneath the St. Johns Bridge, north of the Willamette River).  We will be at the circular platform at the base of the topmost staircase accessible from N. Edison and N. Philadelphia.  DRIVING DIRECTIONS

Will I experience something paranormal? Nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of the paranormal. We can only hope that whatever otherworldly entities may still linger in the park will come out to play that night!

What should I bring? Please bring a flashlight, battery-powered lantern, or any non-incendiary illumination apparatus with you.  If you own a digital camera, you may also bring that too.  It may come in handy when attempting to capture orbs and other spirit visual manifestations.

What should I wear? As the event is 100% outdoors, please dress appropriately for the weather.  It may help to check the forecast for that day.  In case of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled via announcement on our Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter (@paranormalpdx).

Will there be concessions? There will not be any food or beverage concessions available at the event.  Please plan to bring your own and remember to dispose of garbage appropriately.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the event and/or at Cathedral Park is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my kids? Anyone 14 years or older can participate in the event.  All participants must sign a waiver upon check-in at the park on the event date.

Is there parking available? There is ample street parking available along N. Pittsburg and N. Edison.  There is a limited number of spots available on N. Philadelphia, directly underneath the St. John’s Bridge at N. Edison.  Please make sure to secure your vehicles and/or personal belongings.  P.O.P.S. is not responsible for damage to/theft of vehicle.

Do I need to register for the event? We need to maintain a group size that will contribute to the success of the event.  Signing up guarantees you a spot, and allows us to anticipate your arrival.  It takes less than a minute to sign up.  Visit the RSVP page by clicking here.

If you have additional questions or concerns that were not addressed here, please contact us at

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