PAST EVENT: A Ghost Hunt at the Hollywood Theatre


How do I join the event?  Purchase your ticket at the Hollywood Theatre’s Box Office (either onsite or online at  TICKETS ON SALE AT 5PM ON MONDAY, 10/17/11.  Limited spots available.

How much is admission?  $50.00 PRICE REDUCED TO $25.00 per person.  All proceeds go to the not-for-profit Hollywood Theatre.  Tickets on sale at 5pm on Monday, 10/17/11, at Hollywood Theatre’s Box Office (onsite or online at  Limited spots available.

The Hollywood Theatre has agreed to offer the remaining tickets at 50% off the original ticket price.  Tickets are now only $25.00 each by using the promo code hollywoodboo.  Visit the Hollywood Theatre’s box office to snag a ticket!

What are the event times?  Please plan to arrive at the theatre no later than 11:45 p.m.  Attendees will congregate in the Lobby for a short briefing, and the investigation will begin at the stroke of midnight.  The investigation will end no later than 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  QUICK TIP:  Take a nap in the afternoon to make sure you have enough energy to last the entire investigation.

Do I need to register for the event?  Yes, you must register for the event.  We have limited the size of the group to ensure that it will be conducive to the investigative environment.

What if I need to cancel?  You may cancel if you need to, but please understand that there are no refunds.  Therefore, please make sure that you can attend before you purchase your ticket.

What if tickets are sold out and I still want to come?  Only ticketed guests will be allowed to access the theatre after hours and participate in the event.

Will I experience something paranormal? Nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of the paranormal. We can only hope that whatever otherworldly entities may still linger in the theatre will come out to play that night!

What should I bring? Since most of the areas in the theatre will be nearly or completely dark, please bring and use a flashlight, battery-powered lantern, or any non-incendiary illumination apparatus with you.  Bring additional batteries, just in case.  If you own a digital camera, you may also bring that too.  It may come in handy when attempting to capture orbs and other spirit visual manifestations.  Other “ghost hunting” equipment will be provided by P.O.P.S. for use during the event.

What should I wear? As the event is mostly indoors, please dress appropriately. If possible, please wear dark, solid colored apparel.  Also, please do not wear any perfume/cologne or dangling/excessive jewelry. Please wear rubber soled footwear.

Will there be concessions? There will not be any food or beverage concessions available during the event.  Please plan to bring your own and remember to dispose of garbage appropriately.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the event is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my kids? Anyone 14 years or older can participate in the event, provided they purchase a separate ticket and are accompanied by an adult 21 years or older.  Limited spots available.  All participants must sign a waiver upon arrival at the theatre on the event date.

Is there parking available? There is ample street parking within a short distance of the theatre.  Please secure your vehicles and/or personal belongings.  Neither P.O.P.S. nor the Hollywood Theatre is responsible for damage to/theft of vehicle or its contents.

Will there be P.O.P.S. merchandise at the event?  Yes. P.O.P.S. t-shirts will be available for purchase prior to or at the conclusion of the event.  Cash sales only.  Sorry, no checks or credit cards accepted.

Participation at this event is voluntary.  Participant assumes liability for his/her own person and personal effects.  Liability waiver provided prior to the start of the event must be read, understood, and signed by participant.  If you have additional questions or concerns that were not addressed here, please contact us at

All content, unless otherwise noted, is owned by the Portland Oregon Paranormal Society © 2010-2012


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